What is a FAD?A fad, also known as a craze, refers to a fashion that becomes popular in a culture (or subcultures) relatively quickly, remains popular, often for a rather brief period, then loses popularity dramatically.
Why and How do Fads start?Why: Fads start because as time goes on, the idea of what the "in" style is changes, and the fact that designers design all these crazy designs, it creates a new fashion. Although some of these fashion's may be outrageous, people only follow these fads to stand out, in a good way, or just to fit in the crowd.How: Fashion Shows, Vogue Magazine, Movie Awards, Music Awards. People look at all these events of the high of the season. When people see someone wearing cloths that they would never usually wear, they may believe that they are either missing out, or not being into the "in fashion", when others think they can totally rock that outfit and that it doesn't matter a size -4 model can wear it.

Era’s of Fads

  • Object Fads: Tie Dye T-shirts, Lava Lamps, Smiley Faces, Mood Rings, Go-go Boots, and “Granny Glasses”.
  • Personality: The use of the word “Groovy” Ex: Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
  • Idea Fads: One major idea fad was astrology, it was very commonly used during the sixties, also along with Astrology Zodiac Spinner Necklace

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  • Object Fads: Rubik’s Cube, Star Wars, Disco Dancing, Ford Mustangs, Dodge Charger, Callidac Elorado Convertible, Buick Century Turbo Coupe, the Volkswagen, Tattoos and Telephone Booth Stuffing.
  • Personality: In the Seventies, the idea of peace and love was a main personality trait. Another was also to bring peace to Earth and to love the Earth.
  • Idea Fads: Earth day was a major holiday in the seventies, the idea that the Earth was the mother and we were the ‘Earth Child’.
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  • Object Fads: Boom boxes, the Rubik Cube, Baby On Board Signs, Trivial Pursuit, Video Arcades, Wrestling, Break Dancing, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Roller Skating.
  • Personality: This was the era of Nancy Reagan’s’ “Just Say No,” meaning not to do drugs or drink alcohol, or take part in sexual activity.
  • Idea Fads: Video Arcades was the place where it was considered “cool” to hang out.

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  • Object Fads: Mobile Phones, Laptops, Diamond Solitaire ear studs, or a small duffel bag back pack, and CD players.
  • Idea Fads: What Would Jesus Do?


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  • Object Fads: Energy Drinks (Monster, Red Bull), Flare Jeans, Razor Scooters, Pocket Bikes, and Suped up Cars.
  • Idea Fads: Reality Shows, Napolean Dynomite, and Being "Emo"
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