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Clothing: The sixties were all about dresses, pants were only used for play, and they were NEVER worn to school. Skirts and dresses were womans main attire and for the men it was the average bell bottom jeans, and that the idea of wearing a rob was the "in" fashion.
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Clothing:Micro, mini, and maxi skirt lengths. The 70’s fashion had much influence from other countries. Caftans or Kaftans were brought over by the hippies, mainly from other cultures.
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Clothing:Off-Shoulder Shirts, Crop Tops, Primary Color shirts, Sweater tied around waist, Thick Belts, and Neon colors. Brands: Ocean Pacific, Banana Republic, Reebok and Keds.
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Fashion:Fashion was heavily influenced by TV, Hollywood and by the music business industry. SCRUNCHIES! Blazers, Petticoat Dresses, Knitwear, and Long Cardigan Coats.

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Clothing: Very revealing clothing, the long "V" neck dresses, fashionable high heels, Khaki Shorts, Ballet Flats, Baby crop tops, Sun dresses, Leggings, Jeggings, & Short jean shorts.
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