We've all heard RUMORS, but do we really know what the definition for RUMOR is?

A rumor is information for which there is no discernible source and which is usually unfounded.

Now, some of you are saying, "What does that even mean?"

Well, in a nutshell, a Rumor is indeed information where the person telling the "story" or "folklore", was not even present when this so called "information" or "action" took place. And by discernible source, it means that even the person who is telling you the rumor, was told that by someone else.

This is why Rumors can become so vicious, because people have used the phrase "Bending Words" to the extreme.

WHY do people believe Rumors, you ask?
  1. Rumors deal with a subject that is important to an individual.
  2. They replace ambiguity with some form of certainty.
  3. They are attributed to a creditable source.

For Youtube Videos: First you must go to Youtube.com, and unblock youtube, if using a school computer. You'll need a teacher to come unblock it for you!

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external image Rumors.jpgThis picture denotes to the fact that Rumors are mainly folklore's, in which the source of where the story came from is not valid. Many Rumors are believed to be true when in fact, the rumor/story itself is just a farce.
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