What IS an Urban Legend?

An Urban Legend are stories with an ironic twist that sound realistic but are false. Usually told by people who believed it happened.

The Mysterious Case of the Michigan Melon Heads
This Mysterious Case happens on the west coast of Michigans waters, children were born with excessive water to the brain which caused massive head swelling, giving the children the nickname, "Melond Heads".

Orchestra Hall of Detroit:
Orchestra Hall
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Detroit, Michigan
Orchestra Hall was built in 1919, in four months and 23 days, because Ossip Gabrilowitsch demanded that the Detroit Symphony Orchestra build a suitable auditorium before he assumed his position as music director. The 2014 seat hall was designed by architect C. Howard Crane. It was home to the orchestra until 1939, when due to the financial difficulties of the Great Depression, they had to enter a more economical arrangement at the Masonic Temple Theater. Orchestra Hall was renamed Paradise Theater in 1941, and became a major jazz venue, hosting such renowned jazz musicians as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Count Basie and Duke Ellington. With the creation of an adjoining auditorium for jazz and chamber music in 2003, Orchestra Hall became part of the Max M. Fisher Music Center which included and a new store for Detroit Symphony Orchestra merchandise. In 1951, the Paradise closed; the building was abandoned for several years and was scheduled for demolition. Detroit Symphony Orchestra bassoonist Paul Ganson started a fundraiser movement to restore Orchestra Hall and add it to the National Register of Historic Places. Renovations started in 1970 and The Detroit Symphony Orchestra moved back into Orchestra Hall in 1989. Orchestra Hall is also where the mayor of Detroit delivers the annual State of the City address. Throughout the years many people have reported seeing the apparition of Ossip Gabrilowitsch, the former music director walk through the room that used to be his office and also in rehearsal rooms.

The Felt Mansion
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Built in 1922, known to be the highlight of wealth....until soon after the Great Depression hit. After the Felts had died, they left their house to their daughters, which they wanted nothing to do with the house, so the daughters sold the great big mansion to the state. The state made this property in a small prison, and they built jail cells along the property, in the front yard there was a tree where police officers would hang the prisoners. There are stories of Prisoners spirits walking through out the property, and also Mrs. Felt's spirit roams the property, for late one summer night, Mrs. Felt committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the big mansion.
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